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Professional care in the Lancing and Worthing area

Acorn Care Services is a small privately-owned company which has been run by Heather Cook for many years.

Here’s what she has to say about the company;

Running a domiciliary care agency is undoubtedly challenging but equally as rewarding. As a small private company with staff who have worked for me for many years I have been privileged to be part of their personal lives and to watch as their families have grown up. We share the ups and downs of life and support each other through the inevitable trials that everyone encounters. We know each other very well. The same is true of our clients, again many of whom have been with us for many years. They know the staff well and we know them well and so we share their lives and the lives of their families.

The care and dedication shown by our staff is testament to their commitment to both the company and the clients. We always welcome experienced dedicated care workers to join our team.

We offer, amongst other things, flexible working in the local Worthing/Lancing area with weekly pay. For our clients we aim to provide a service that puts their needs first. We aim to provide consistency of care staff and call times and advise clients by letter which care worker to expect and at what time. We know how important this is to our clients, providing peace of mind and enabling them to plan their day. We aim to provide a service that is flexible in respect of client’s needs and adaptable to meet any changes. We know this is important to clients enabling them to make and meet other appointments and supporting visits to or from family and friends. We aim to provide a service that is respectful to all members of the household. Feedback and comments received from clients is important to us and demonstrates that we are achieving our aims.

We are proud of our company and proud of our achievements. Heather Cook – Owner of Acorn Care Services

Our Care Manager is Nikki Aylmore. Nikki worked for Acorn Care Services as a careworker and then spent 6 years in a residential home for clients with dementia where she worked her way up to Deputy Manager. Here are Nikki’s views on working for us;

My role as Care Manager for Acorn Care is very rewarding.

Providing care and support to clients who may be reluctant to accept help and seeing how we as a company can find the right balance of helping and watching as they regain their independence is so humbling. As we are a small company we benefit from knowing our staff and clients well and our clients often say we feel like family to them which is a huge compliment.

We have a good relationship with our clients and staff which results in good communication, enabling us to structure a high level of service which benefits the clients and our staff.

As with any job there are times when it can be stressful but again with such good relationships between us we all pull together and work as a team so at the end of the day we have a sense of achievement and are smiling. I think as a company we go above and beyond our job role to ensure our clients receive an excellent service.

We welcome experienced careworkers to join our friendly team.

A few comments from our staff;

I have worked for Acorn Care Services for over 5 years and particularly like that it is a small friendly company where we all work as a team. Care work is really rewarding.

As a male care worker, I am often told by our male clients that they “appreciate the respite I give them from being overrun with women!” Joking aside when it comes to the provision of personal care tasks we have many male clients who appreciate that when possible these tasks are carried out by a male care worker. I am not though restricted to solely providing care to male clients and working for Acorn Care Services gives me the opportunity to meet and help, in varying degrees and with various tasks, many people in our area.

I am the newest member of staff at Acorn having joined them earlier this year after moving to the Worthing area. The staff all welcomed me, everyone is friendly. I have worked for larger agencies in the past and felt I was treated as a number but with Acorn you are treated as an individual. The high standard of care given to the clients also extends to the staff.

I have worked for Acorn nearly 16 years. The reason for staying so long is being a small company we all know each other, this makes you feel part of a family. Feedback from staff and clients is welcome and taken on board. I feel confident in my work because I know backup is available if a problem occurs. The Manager doesn’t just take an interest in the clients’ wellbeing but the staff’s as well.

We are a small, dedicated, close team who love working in our local community. I have worked for Acorn for 8 years and enjoy supporting our local families to carry on independently, happy living in their own homes.

Acorn Care is lovely to work for, everyone is kind and they really care about their clients and staff.

I love working with Acorn. We are definitely a group of people who take great pride in what we do. I enjoy enabling clients to feel safe in their own homes, seeing them gain confidence. All the staff, especially the office staff, are very supportive. I like the arranged call times. This way the clients know when we will be arriving and are looking forward to our calls, not being anxious as to when we will arrive.


Personal care at competitive prices

For your benefit we provide regular update training. Our care plans are also monitored and reviewed on a regular basis. You can be assured that our team is friendly, trustworthy, and will offer a high standard of domiciliary care.

Acorn Care Services

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